In February this year Fundico made another live broadcast on Facebook. On the occasion we brought Enrique Lam, Protest Executive Manager to discuss the theme “Loan: How to Use Money in a Healthy Way”. Who interviewed him was Jizelle Olivero, Public Relations at Fundico Brasil.

We split the chat with Lam into 9 videos that will answer questions asked by many people who are looking for credit, especially to get out of debt. Check out!


1. How does credit limit work in banks?

1. How does credit limit work in banks?

After all, why do banks give limits that are much higher than what the customer can afford? According to Lam, even within a single financial institution, credit analysis is very imperfect. Eventually different areas do not talk to each other and thus a bank offers the customer a lot of overdraft limit plus a high amount of pre-approved loan as well as credit card. When the client uses all that, they end up hanging on their debts, not knowing how to pay back all they spent.


2. What is Positive Registration and how does it work?

Lam explains that Cadastro Positivo is an initiative of the Federal Government that is not working very well, because it depends on the customer – who must make their data available to companies. He also comments in this video which options are better.


3. Which is better: loan, revolving credit or overdraft?

loan, revolving credit or overdraft?

The interest rate is not the only factor to consider when choosing whether to use the revolving card, overdraft or a loan. Enrique explains how the decision should be evaluated and also comments on the new Central Bank resolution on the revolving.


4. Why do banks charge such high interest rates?

Jizelle asks Lam about how the bank’s interest rate is calculated and he explains the bank spread.


5. Should I take a loan to pay off the revolving credit card?

5. Should I take a loan to pay off the revolving credit card?

Before deciding whether to take out a loan to pay the revolving card interest, check out the tips that Lam gave for these cases.


6. Is it possible to refuse credit limit at the bank?

Went to open a checking account at a bank and was offered overdraft credit, credit card and more? Know what your rights are and what your responsibility is when using these financial products.


7. How to get out of overdraft?


How to get out of overdraft and get rid of debt? Enrique Lam talks about Protest research on this and how to help if someone in his family is in a debt situation. He further explains that there are high chances of the bank wanting to renegotiate debt.


8. How to renegotiate debts with banks?

Is it possible to renegotiate debts with banks? How do you do this? Henry here explains how to do this, where to start and what are the possibilities for renegotiation.


9. How much can I borrow without losing my financial health?

financial health

Is there a healthy debt limit to pay? Lam explains.

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