Astro finance auto credit is one of the consumer credit projects offered by the organization. A subsidiary of CreditMutual, the online specialist offers auto credit solutions for new or used. Compare the rates and conditions of the Astro finance auto loan with those of the major credit organizations, in order to have a good idea of ​​its competitiveness.

Astro finance car loans under the microscope

Astro finance car loans under the microscope

The Astro finance auto loan makes it possible to finance a new (- 2 years) or used vehicle. The rates do not differ depending on the formula chosen, unlike what can be seen in several other specialists. Here are all the features of the Astro finance car loan:

  • Amount : $ 5,500 to $ 60,000 
  • Duration: 12 to 72 months
  • Fixed APR rate over the entire duration of the loan
  • No booking fees

The financing of a car loan starts from $ 5,500 on Astro finance, leaving the door closed to a small second-hand car loan. You have to go through a personal loan for all projects or a revolving credit to finance a car whose amount is lower is this level.

Comparison of APR rates for Astro finance car credit

Comparison of APR rates for Astro finance car credit

Astro finance auto credit will pass to the revealer of our comparator, like any auto credit from specialist organizations. We simulated a car loan offered by the CreditMutual subsidiary, and compared the rates offered compared to those of large organizations (Bankrate car loan, Viloan, Zaloan car loan, etc.) present on our tool. Our comparison is made on an amount of $ 15,000 to be reimbursed in 60 monthly payments (5 years). The APR rate, the benchmark indicator for calculating the cost of a loan, allows us to easily classify offers.

For a car loan of $ 15,000 over 60 months APR rate Monthly fees Total cost of credit
Best Organization 3.10% 269.91 $ 1194.60 $
Organization 2 3.550% 272.83 $ 1369.80 $
Astro finance 3.90% 265,10 $ 1506.00 $


The two best organizations of our comparator offer a car loan at the APR rate more interesting than that of Astro finance. Astro finance online car credit is still doing well with the honors: its offer is right on the average.

How to obtain an Astro finance car loan?

How to obtain a Astro finance car loan?

Let’s follow step by step the process of obtaining an Astro finance car loan as a new customer. We can then see the advantages and disadvantages of the subscription.

  1. Go to the Astro finance site and indicate the project “new car loan (-2 years) or” used car loan “. 
  2. Enter the amount of the desired credit as well as the repayment period, before clicking on “simulate”.
  3. The Astro finance auto credit form appears: it only takes a few minutes to complete.
  4. Once the form is completed, Astro finance provides an immediate response in principle.
  5. In the event of a favorable opinion, it is possible to download the contract. The proposal is also sent by post, accompanied by a postage-paid return envelope.
  6. The last step is to read the contract carefully, add supporting documents and sign it. Once the contract duly completed and sent, it takes a few days before getting a final response.

It takes at least eight days from the date of signing the contract to benefit from auto loan funds. The legal withdrawal period is 14 days.

Good to know: it is important to mention that the purchase of the car is conditioned by obtaining credit on the vehicle order form. A simple sentence makes it possible to cancel the sale if credit is not granted.

Financing work Astro finance: what supporting documents are requested?

Astro finance tends to communicate transparently on the supporting documents necessary to obtain a used or new car loan.

  • An ID
  • A recent proof of address
  • Proof of income (salary slip for employees, latest tax notice for retirees and self-employed)
  • A rib
  • The vehicle order form (or equivalent)

It is also possible that a statement of the activity of the last 30 days of the bank account is requested.

Our opinion on Astro finance auto credit

The Astro finance car loan is far from being a bad alternative, but also does not represent the best solution of cheap car credit . The Astro group organization offers average APR rates and is not particularly distinguished by the speed of processing of files. The absence of an electronic signature is harmful, for example, when other specialists have already taken this turn.

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