Most of the time it is because there is no credit security or the bank wants to be completely secure. However, the search for a car loan without a spouse should not be abandoned. Taking out a car loan without a spouse is not a problem as long as the credit rating is right. Every bank is happy to provide secure credit, with or without a second borrower. A summary is on

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No obligation with spouse

The first thing to say is that it is not compulsory to take out a car loan with your spouse. Many banks claim that it will not work without it. But that’s not true. If the applicant has good credit, there is no reason to let the spouse sign the contract.

A borrower with a good credit rating often does not have to provide any other loan security. If the salary is so high that the loan installments are secured, a car loan can be taken out without a spouse. The spouse only has to agree if there is a shared account. After all, his salary would also be involved in the credit installments. There are numerous banks that do not provide spouse credit security. It is different, however, if the creditworthiness is not good.

Then the bank expects a loan security.

Bad creditworthiness – preferably with a spouse

Bad creditworthiness - preferably with a spouse

If you have poor creditworthiness, you should also refrain from applying for a car loan without a spouse. In this case, it might be better if the spouse signs the contract.

Otherwise the bank could reject an application and no car could be financed. If the spouse has a better salary, it would be good if the spouse made the application and the other acted as a guarantor. Better creditworthiness automatically means better credit terms. The loan amount can be higher and the interest rate lower.

Overall, the loan would become cheaper and therefore more affordable. However, the customer can also opt for other loan collateral.

Car loan without spouse – alternative loan collateral

Car loan without spouse - alternative loan collateral

Anyone wishing to take out a car loan without a spouse must have other loan guarantees. Consumers with poor credit ratings must be able to secure the loan. If the salary is too low or the credit bureau is too bad, then credit security is very important. A surety is only one way of securing credit. It doesn’t have to be the spouse. The best friend can also act as a guarantor.

This could also be the second borrower to sign the contract. If you have life insurance that can be lent, you can also use it. But the surrender value should not be too high if the loan amount is low. The loss in the event of a loan default would be too great.

Spouse with no income

A car loan without a spouse can be taken out if the spouse has no income. Income must be available for a confirmatory applicant to be accepted. If there is no income at all, the spouse cannot sign the contract at all. The bank would have no additional security. The same applies if the credit bureau is too bad for the spouse. Then under no circumstances should a car loan be taken out with a spouse.

The poor creditworthiness of one would negatively impact the creditworthiness of the other. In such a case, a car loan should be taken out without a spouse.

Credit comparison – pay attention

Credit comparison - pay attention

When comparing credit, interest is always compared. But if you want to take out the car loan without a spouse, you should read the credit details. First, it is important to know the terms of the loan. Those who can fulfill these do not need the spouse for the contract to come into being. The details often indicate which loan collateral must be met if the creditworthiness is too bad. These can then be used to avoid burdening the spouse with the loan.

There are many providers who do without the spouse as an additional borrower.

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